Ranking by income and profit?

There are graphs giving rankings for the most passengers, but I can’t find any rankings for the most income and the most profit. In a market sense, those two are greater than most passengers.

I’m in Bleriot at the moment, which has no IPO’s. I have not played in one with IPO’s.

Those rankings do not exist.

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Thanks. Cheers

That’s what I suggested some time ago:

Regarding statistics:

A query to collect the (“Last Period”) values of all of the servers income statements at a given time (0000Z on mondays as we have it already)
Displayed with names remaining undisclosed.
(Probably only the names linked to the logged-in account displayed if that’s feasible)
Would be awesome to have such figures for EBT, revenue, margin etc…
Might also be fun for temp. worlds to actually have the names disclosed?