"Reality" v2 - Looking for Players & Moderators

For your consideration: If you are not interested in joining a reality-focussed server, please avoid spamming this thread and let those that are interested participate instead.

Hey folks!

@inno87 and I (@Cirrus91) are restarting/resetting our server to allow many new players to join nice and early, and to make some tweaks to the original configuration. We already have 5 players lined up for the server and will launch when we reach 12.

The goal of our “Reality” Airlinesim server is to reflect the real world as closely as possible. We achieve this through a mix of server settings, realistic aircraft availability in the aircraft market, and player rules that try and keep the game fair between players of different playing styles.

Over the past 5 months, we have operated a gameworld called “Reality”. Sadly, my work (in aviation actually) got in the way. Taking these learnings to heart, we’re doing this restart while bringing on board additional moderators to help run recruiting, payments, and Discord.

Detailed server configuration settings and player rules can be found in this Google Document. Here we can easily maintain and evolve the rules as we learn and improve the server:
You can find the Google Doc here: https://bit.ly/3kukpve

Instead of messaging us here and requesting access to the server, we ask that you use the Google Form linked below. This will help us keep track of new users and have everyone’s contact info in one place (confidential).

You can access the Google Form for signup here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3SLk0C-F8AOfUUxt9DydSwLHEQAljIaC_ILE03wrhSCrbdQ/viewform


Hi… Just to let you know that currently I’m on a different private server right now thus I’m will not be playing on this server.


Hey! Sorry for that @inno87, I messed up the usernames when posting this. I meant to call out for @TheTomate.

On a side note, we’ll be running the server at 12.50 EUR per month :slight_smile:!

7 players signed up. 5 left to go before takeoff! :+1:

I had a specific question regarding your market situation - if you are loading 1/3 of the categories over 200, why aren’t you loading 1/3 of everything? I mean there are some planes (the A332, 73J, and E-145 comes to mind) with 150-190 planes, so there would be 75 A330-300 and 175 A330-200 (or 100 73W and 193 73J) at the beginning? I feel like a balanced 1/3 load would be better, and would make more sense.

Also, are you not using 737 MAX/A320neo? or are those #s blended into the main categories?


(I could be interested by the way)

@jetcruise0707 Good point. The main thinking was that regional aircraft are cheap, so we need larger inventory. I like your thinking though.

I propose we make it 1/3rd of everything, except regional aircraft.
We did not add NEOs and MAXs as they are not available on used markets in the real world (minus a handful of exceptions).

I’ve updated the rules doc (will show in 5 min).

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Sounds interesting - I’ve never played on a private server before. I don’t have a huge amount of free time to play AS (20-30 minutes a day usually). Am I too noob? :wink:

It really depends what you do in those 20-30 minutes. Spending less time does not necessarily disqualify you from being good (many of the most advanced people only log in every other day, in fact), but it could prevent you from quick expansion. This applies to all servers, public or private. AS requires time to be proficient in it, but spending less time does not necessarily mean you are bad. If that makes sense.
Private servers are a different experience for sure, but they can be fun in their own ways :slightly_smiling_face:

@octarine 20-30 minutes a day is more than enough! We have plenty of experienced players on the servers (and plenty of less experienced ones) that can help you become really efficient at planning.

We will also provide a number of tools (spreadsheet-based) that provide top-notch performance calculations to determine your fleet plans (and calculate the most profit optimal aircraft based on user market, fuel burn, cargo revenues, etc.) to help you get started.

@jetcruise0707 Would love to have you on board.

We’re now at 10 players. Just 2 more and we’ll get the server started :slight_smile:!

:airplane: :airplane: :airplane:

We’re almost ready for takeoff!
Server settings have been submitted to AS admins and we expect to launch the server on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sign up now to get early access to the aircraft market and select your preferred airports!
Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3SLk0C-F8AOfUUxt9DydSwLHEQAljIaC_ILE03wrhSCrbdQ/viewform

:flight_departure: :flight_departure: :flight_departure:

The server will launch on Friday evening or Saturday morning CET (November 6/7th).

You can still sign up here:

Details of the server settings can be found here:

We are live! Still lots of great airport hubs remainining across Asia, Europe, USA, South America, and Oceania :slight_smile:

Here’s just a few examples which markets are still available:
South Korea
Russian Federation

So as you can see, lots of opportunities to grow some massive airlines.

18 Players and counting! Only 7 remaining spots on the server.

With the server humming along, we have a few spots remaining in major airports around the world. Asia is wide open with opportunities, Europe has plenty of 9/10 airports available, and the USA is lacking hubs at airports such as BOS, SFO, and more!

Apply here: https://bit.ly/3kukpve

Here are some of the empty countries/hubs that coul really use a home carrier:

Italy (FCO/MXP)
Greece (ATH)
Poland (WAW)
Belgium (BRU)
Denmark (CPH)
Norway (OSL)
Sweden (ARN)
Ireland (DUB)
Portugal (LIS)
Malaysia (KUL)
Thailand (BKK)
Philippines (MNL)
South Korea (ICN)

Also as already mentioned there are still plenty of free airports with huge opportunities to grow a hub available in both the US and China.

Hey everyone!

The Reality game world has been nicely established.
We have lots of used aircraft in-game and many major markets still available for new players.

We’re charging just 12.50 EUR per month!
4 spots left :slight_smile:

Apply here: https://bit.ly/3kukpve

We have a few very attractive spots available:
China is free again! We’re really missing a good competitor or two there.

Other available markets include:

So great to see this restarting!!! Really recommend joining as v1 was already great and rather realistic. I’m sure this one will be even better… Sign me up!!!

I just submitted an application, interested to know how many people have signed up :slight_smile: