Rebooking Passengers

When a flight gets cancelled, due to whatsoever reason (maintainence, delay, lease payment, wrong airport), the passengers on that route should be immediately, automatically rebooked on next available inventory on that route based on ORS at that point of time. This is how it happens in real and will be a good penalty for cancelling flights (your competitors gain).

I don’t know if someone would or could misuse it, though. There is always a price to cancelling flights, so it is less likely anyway.

The big big issue is how the system is set up to reduce computing load. When the demand calculation happens that is the only moment that the system knows the full routing of every passenger. The moment later that data no longer exists, a simple number remains. Let’s take for example LAX-FRA

Passengers are distrubted and some are distributed LAX-JFK-LHR-FRA. After distribution the system only knows on any of the 3 legs that they are connecting passengers (doesn’t know flights before or after). Say the airline that flies JFK-LHR shuts down, as the system doesn’t know the full routing it can’t just re-distribute on all JFK-LHR options. This would end up with passengers not making it to their final destination effectively.

As the booking system only runs 3 days in advance then there are only 72 hours of potentially unrealistic loading, before it evens out

Thanks for the response.
I agree it is simpler to work it out this way.
But I just put it out there to add a new dynamic to the game.
For example, when my nearest competitor liquidates, it would be so much fun to see all my flights getting super-loaded immediately.

But I understand that this is a complex feature not for now, and maybe for later on…