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I set the flight, especially when the target airport is very busy, they often need to spend a lot of time to try again, try to find a free slot. I think the game is not able to provide a function to automatically search for and provide the nearest empty slot. This will save a lot of time, and repeated attempts to reduce the server load can be reduced

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In addition, I found a problem, I use the "Aircraft type evaluation" this feature more aircraft, it will only bring more value to passengers, but then the goods without any consideration. Led to the evaluation of all wide-body aircraft is very low, which is very unfavorable for the novice. I had to use performance tool to calculate the effective load, and then estimate the true profitability.

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Worked for me!

I like these suggestions. It would be great to have some sort of one-click method that would enable the system to select the "next available time" for you on flight scheduling (i.e., it goes forward from an ineligible time to suggest the next available time that works out for both the departure and arrival slots). The second idea also makes a lot of sense – including cargo revenue in the Aircraft Type Evaluation tool. I fly some 767s that have 80+ slots for cargo, which ends up being potentially pretty substantial in terms of potential revenue; further, it’s hard to know whether the 767-300ER or A330-300X is actually superior for a given route without being able to understand what the cargo revenue might be. Plus, I’m guessing that the 737-900s start looking better than the 737-700BGW when you include the 17 (vs. 3) cargo slots getting potentially filled up.


I strongly approve a "find next available slot" button, if it could automatically jump to the next one it would be the best thing.

Another suggestion, why don’t you group slots in 5 minutes windows? I dont see a reason to have a 14:01, 02, 03 and 04 departure/arrival when it could be rounded up . It would help a lot when calculating connecting times.

Because this is only done in some parts of the world. In other countries like in northern america the exact minute is also printed in the schedule ;)

But the slots are combined to 5 minutes categories