Recruiting players for current game world

Looking for new players for a private game world which has been running for three months. We started with a small group of players as a quarantine activity so although we’re a few months old there are still plenty of very open markets for new players: for example HKG, DOH, AUH, Spain, AMS, WAW, BOG, IKA, BKK, MNL are all very open. Additionally, apart from LHR, most major airports are still very welcoming to new players. You can check Eagle Farm on AS Routemap.

Cost is 20/EUR.

Rules are basically the same as the public worlds- however unlimited holdings, 25,000,000 EUR at start up, cooperation between holdings is permitted. No sharemarket.

If you’re interested in joining, send me a private message with an email address and I will contact you from my email- I do not regularly check the forums. We have a WhatsApp group but it is optional.

I am a player in this world and highly recommend it.

The starting bonus of $25m for each new holding is fantastic. It enables you to build lots of airlines in different markets and to play in markets that you might not otherwise have had a chance to play in.

There are currently some really good open markets available.

Hi there, I’m interested in joining. My email address is Could you please email me the details?

Thanks and have a nice day.

Kind Regards

Hello all, here is my monthly bump. We have heaps of openings available for players who want an uncrowded game experience. LHR is the only problem airport for new entrants- but heaps of attractive markets still very open. Please PM with an email address and I’ll be in touch.