Recruiting players for Game World

We are currently recruiting new players to join 'REALITY', a private game world.

If you are interested, please send me a private message with your user name, email address and, if you know, where you would like to set up your first holding. You will receive, a few days later, via email a copy of the rules and payment information. Payment will fluctuate depending on the number of players, will be due every two months. It may take up until the end of next week to get everyone set up- please be patient! Your email address will only be used for important information and payments. We also have a friendly WhatsApp group.

Reality has a start up bonus for your first holding, depending on the number of airports in your home market. The bonus can be found in the original post here.

Currently, no country is 'full' and there are a number of big markets that are still unclaimed. You can have a look at what other people are doing here.  Note that EU airlines are currently restricted to their home country only (eg a German airline can fly to/from anywhere in Germany but can't start flights Vienna-Warsaw). This may be revised in 2019 if there is support among players. The list of open investment countries is the 'short' list that was introduced with Hoover.

Real world airline names, logos and alliances are all permitted but not required. IPOs are permitted. You will be able to interline between holdings, but no other forms of financial cooperation (share trading, aircraft leasing etc...).

I'll be strict about payments, but otherwise we're a pretty relaxed and friendly bunch. If you've ever wondered what it's like to play AS when it's relatively easy to fly into LHR, JFK and PEK, now's your chance.

We still have a few spots available for this world. I will be closing it off to new players at the end of the weekend, Australian time.

I would like to join

This world is now closed.

If you’re still interested, send me a private message with an email address and I will get in touch when we have a vacancy.

We have 4 spots available. Send me a private message if interested.

We are currently in a membership renewal cycle and have some vacancies on this world, send me a PM if you're interested.

Hi again

If you sent a private message about joining Reality in the last week and didn’t get a response with my personal email address, please resend. I have lost some messages in the forum migration.

If you did get my personal email address, please confirm to that address in the next day or two as I am about to close off the next payment cycle.