Reducing Maintenance Categories

Hello. I haven’t really been able to find a solid answer on this. I know the maintenance categories are limited to three categories without penalty. I also know that as soon as you list a category on the market, that category is removed.

Here’s my question. I THINK I read that your maintenance categories are only based off aircraft you actually OPERATE. Does that mean, for example, you can delete the flight plans of your (100%) owned WB’s during low AGEX, have them sit idle, and lease a new category in the meantime? (For example).

Basically, can you have an aircraft sit idle, NOT on the market, but not get the maintenance penalty for it?

AFAIK, it must be on the market to not count as one category.

AK is right.

Simple rule: If it shows up on your fleet management page, it counts for your number of maintenance categories.