Redundant personnell?

Maybe I am just missing it totally (probably), but my airline is growing steady and yet I keep having redundant personnell on the networkmplanning. I am at 122 redundant networkplanners, how is that possilbe, what causes this?

Interlining contracts being cancelled or an interlining partner going bankrupt. The network planners are only for this job. You can remove them either by firing them (costing money, of course), or sign more interlining contracts.

keep in mind, that firing someone costs about 5.5 to 6 times the standard (not the average) national salary. so it's usually less expensive to just keep them until you sign additional interlining agreements. also, the number of required network planners depends on your own size as well, so as long as you keep in growing and you have at least one IL, the number of required network planners will increase.

same for pilots, etc.

Bingo, that's it! Recently quite a few IL partner went out of business. Thanks a lot Caithes!