regional jets/props and small airports


  1. I've been trying to compare regional props (ATR, DASH 8, EMBRAER), and realise that none actually have cargo capacity. Yet, airport that I'm flying between has three/four cargo bars between them. And when I check on loads, it's clear I'm not lifting any cargo. Me thinks this is a lost opportunity. So, is there a regional prop/plane that can lift any cargo? Am I indeed right in trying to cater to both passenger and cargo?
  2. Also, with regards to the 'underserved' airports (those with 1 bar), does it make sense to get a Caravan, say, and fly them regularly between these 2nd tier airports and my hub, to generate some traffic? What plane would seem more suitable. An ATR/Dash, or something smaller?

Many thanks for the help.

Please don't open so many threads. Create one where you can place your questions, makes more sense.

And before asking, you should search the forum for answers. I guess 99.9% of all questions were already answered.

1. Watch the fleet list and you will find the answer if there are any props or regio jets with also cargo capacity. You should decide if you want to have a cargo or a pax airline first. (If you go for pax, then you should only concentrate on pax. Later in the game, you will have enough cargo capacity on narrow- and wide body planes.)

2. Try it. If you have generated enough connections then the small airports will be important and there will be traffic (depending on the choice of country and hub of course).

Good luck.

Great thanks, appreciate the answer (did trawl the forums before), and thought of keeping threads seperate, but won't in future.

I think maybe the issue is its more community support rather than general…