Relative seat size- a tool for maximizing profit

Below are the size of each seat in AS. the unit used is the standard seat, so for instance a plane that can fit 100 standard seats could fit 50 basic business seats. This information can help allow you to determine where you are getting the most revenue per sq ft of floor on your planes. For instance if you have economy seats in coach and basic business seats in business then each business seat takes 1 2/3 coach seats. If your business class sell for double your coach (after catering costs), then you are more profitable in business than coach and should consider configurations with more business seats in the future. You can also compare the premium people pay for economy plus vs standard economy and determine if it makes sense for you on a given stage length.

standard 1

economy 1.2

eco plus 1.5

biz basic 2.0

biz adv 2.2

biz pre 2.5

gold 3

plat 3.3

diamond 3.6


A configuration for the 737-700 was made topped out with each type of seats. The number of seats was A and the percent space used was B. 149/A*B= seat size

According to your theme, I made an Excel sheet to configure Seating for any type of A/C in airlinesim without having the A/C in the own fleet.

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