Relative Silence

I am really really sorry for the relative silence around this new part of the forums.

As mentioned before on a previous thread, after Frankfurt another (non-game-)project that helps pay the bills around here went nasty and we need to get it figured out as fast as possible. This means I’m spending most of my day (and night) getting said other project out the door which leaves little to no time for AS-related work :(

It’s not all bad though…we got several supporters working on theoretical stuff behind all the new aircraft and performance sweetness planned for 1.6, so as soon as I’m back to AS I will have a base to work off. Also, whenever I can squeeze a few hours of AirlineSim into my schedule you’ll read about it here…promised!

Thanks again for your patience and understanding!

Hi there,

Is there any other thread where we can find more about the future (plans) of AirlineSim?

Thank you!

The round-up thread from this year’s AirlineSim Convention is probably the kind of thing you are looking for: