Replacing/Upgrading Aircraft

Apologies if this has been discussed already, but:

Would really like to be able to “upgrade” an aircraft in one or two clicks. By “upgrade”, what I mean is to move all the flights from one aircraft to a new aircraft. I find myself needing to do this a lot nowadays as I’m trying to upgrade from 73Gs to 739s. To do this now, I have to go through and add the existing 73G flights to the new 739 aircraft, which is kind of tedious, especially when you’re doing this with a number of aircraft at a time.

Anyway – thanks.


This has been suggested before. The problem is that if the replacement aircraft has a longer turnaround time than the existing one then you can’t simply replace the schedules one for one, you have to shift them -and then you can run into slot conflicts. This means in any case that a purely automatic solution is in general not possible without human intervention.

Nevertheless, I think that asking whether the number of mouse clicks can be reduced is a good question. The current procedure involves looking at the existing aircraft schedule, noting the routes and flight numbers, and then:

For each route:

Route management -> find route -> click tab for flight# -> scheduling ->  select days -> dropdown box for selected aircraft -> adjust departure times - we are now on page [url=""][/url] - and apply.  

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The main weakness of the current system is that I need to collect all the routes and flight numbers manually that are used by the particular aircraft.

http://xxx.air.../xxx/tabs/a.b.cThe current system does let us go from Aircraft - schedule - click schedule to start planner for flight# to put us on a page - but from there it does NOT let us change the assigned aircraft. Why? Because we are on the wrong page. We need the scheduling page which is under flights/routes, and if we start with the aircraft we are under fleets/aircraft. Can we get to the right page? Good question - I suspect that the answer is no, on account of the way the web application is designed as a tree structure, but only the developers can really answer that.

Hi Guys,

I really agree with this point, it would make things easier, but I am aware of the issues with turn around times etc. Therefore maybe a system can be introduced for A/C with THE SAME turn-around times :)

After reading Tandem’s post I have to make a comment here on how this procedure can be done way faster.

Open two tabs with the old A/C, keep one the way it is and use the other one to lock and soon after delete the full A/C schedule. Now just go to the new A/C and schedule exisiting flight numbers (with the data from the second tab of the old A/C which still shows the original flight schedule).

This system is a bit faster, but also assumes you want to change all flights.




you can skip one step…

I open two tabs: the old flight schedule and the new plane with the empty flight schedule. Then I just enter the flight numbers on the new flight schedule and activate the new schedule with a 3 day delay. The flights automatically disappear from the old flight schedule if you put them on a new schedule.


When using the same flight numbers, this isn’t necessary. You can just activate immediately, as the flight numbers have already been entered into the system for the next 3 days (on your old aircraft).