Request for return of a leased aircraft change?

Hi All,

I recieved today a "Request for return of a leased aircraft" from a non-AS owned company (ie. private company). For those that are unaware this gives you 3 days days (72 hours) to return the aircraft.

Now I have a few problems with this system, as it seems only I loose out, when I did not terminate the contract.

I receieved the request at midday today (Saturday), the lease is due on Saturday at 11:30, therefore thanks to the owner I will not recieve my deposit back until 7 days after the notice, even though the aircraft gets returned in 3 days. So I go 4 days without either the aircraft or my deposit. So my number 1 sugestion is the deposit should be returned the day the aircraft is returned.

Secondly to make the most of a flight booking they need to be on the market for 72 hours, therefore if an owner serves notice, you would have to have an aircraft ready to go straight away (if you log in once every 24 hours you would have to cancel (or effectively cancel) flights). So instead of 72 hours should there not be a (as example) 5 day minimum notice period?



I had it happened to me when i first started playing AirlineSim and cause the airline I had leased the plane from was a competitor, he then decided he wanted the plane back cause i was becoming quite a success! I had to stop my cargo airline and quit cause it was like a couple of planes! Stick to AS leasing only companies and you avoid all that stress ;)

I know that this happens from time to time. I also lease aircraft and I am a lessor too on the other hand. I would never cancel a contract myself as a lessor because of the impact of the airline who leases my plane. As a lessor it is only the right of the airline to cancel the contract (in my personal view). I know that there are airlines that operated a fleet mainly leased from my company and a cancellation (request for return) would have destroyed auch an airline. This is not fair. For example I would be severely hit by a cancellation of some 757s that I have on lease. Such an act (without any explanation) would result that I would avoid them in the future and I know players who have a "black list" of private companies after bad experiences.


I’m glad it hasn’t just happend to me, thanks for the advice. I will defenately try and avoid private leassors in the future, and will 100% not lease off the same supplier again.

Maybe there should be a re-think in the way the leasing system is.


I think that the vast majority of private leasing-companies are fine. ;)