Restricted Flights

Hello all and Merry Christmas,

in Quimby i have an airline called Doha expressway. I fly to a lot of cities and countries but when i started a route to LAX all of a sudden i had hundreds of flight that became restricted. For example Doha to Amman or to Tehran. This is not restricted in real life and i don't know if the LAX route had something to do about it.

Can someone explain please


removed as I forgot about a/c size restriction.

removed as I forgot about a/c size restriction.

Is the aircraft too small for your route?

You can't fly an ERJ-135 to an airport having more than 4-bar demand from a 9-bar airport such as DOH.

KWI is a 7-bar airport.

You have to use a bigger plane to operate that route.

You can view route restrictions on the aircraft type description page.

We implement aircraft size restrictions some time ago to combat slot blocking with small cheap planes. Thereby you cant fly ERJs on those routes. Even if you could I wont recommend flying them as costs at large airports are higher now. Filling larger panes isn't a problem, I am personally flying A380s to small airports.