Revenue/loss reporting per aircraft

Does AS support this? I think it doesn’t but just want to make sure. It would be great to know, how much money am making or not making over a particular aircraft. As far as i see, you can only see total income.

As a new AS player, i would say i found reporting features are pretty weak for an aged game like that.

Under Fleet Management beside the scheduling tab there is a flights one click on that. Then there is a list of all scheduled flights, beside the section that shows the status of the flights beside that there is a section saying details click on that and it brings up a load factor page giving info on that particular flights income and expenses. Good luck

Thanks but i was looking for particular airplane income/loss not flight.

There is none and it would have very low use imo.

I don’t think so. In general, AS gives very little information… basic information that any company should have: profits per route (not per flight), which interlining airlines are making the connections, profits per aircraft and many more…

Utterly disagreed! I believe it’s just one of the very important data to figure out profit ratio per aircraft.

Nesherius is right. Your reporting features are very weak and it leads player to take a lot of decisions with assumptions. I am not sure how many businesses can float positive without detailed income report and just making assumptions in real life.

Anyway It’s pretty hard to talk about details while you can’t even deliver basics. Unfortunately it’s the biggest con of this game.

What you do not seem to realize is how much traffic and storage these data would use compared to how much good they would do you. How many recalculations would be necessary every day for each airline? For me the profit per route has no real value. Some of my routes are intentionaly making "loss" as I want competing prices. How would you in turn deal with the "connecting" passengers? Are they making loss on the short haul flight when they provide a huge amount of profit on the long haul? And so on.

Not to mention they change every day several times. So do the amounts of connecting passenger (btw I would like to know the connections as much as you do, afaik that is also on the teams schedule).

I’m sorry, but the data is already there. You just need to present it. So it would not impact upon traffic (people won’t spend more time on the servers to check this) or storage, because the data is already there. The only impact would be the calculation of a few routes taken from entrys in a table on a database, calculations that any modern server would make in mere miliseconds.

Ok. So let’s put that in some numbers.

My airline has 58 airplanes. Each of them flies at least 3 routes per day, some much more. But for the sake of an argument it’s 3 routes per day. That is six flights per day. Multiplied it means that the server would have to recalculate the plane profits 348 times per day. Let’s say it takes a milisecond to do that. Just for my airline that is around 0.3 second. Now there are 305 airlines on my server now, much of them that are really huge. For the sake of the argument let’s say each of them are of the same size. That is 305 x 0.3 seconds = 1,5 minutes. That doesn’t seem that much I agree but there are dozens, even hundreds of airlines that have around thousand of planes which would take much more time.

What else do say you lack? Direct interlining info? Again, that would have to be stored and recalculated each and single time there is a demand calculation done which means it would be recalculated all the time. just because the demand calculations run all the time and the planes fill all the time.

Now I am not against this feature mind you, I just think it doesn’t serve that much purpose and it would slow down the servers pretty significantly. The game was already dealing with speed problems that were off the scale couple of months ago and people were really unhappy about that. Risking more lags and delays to provide info that, as you said, is already there and serves not much purpose might be imo unwise.

However maybe I am wrong. I know the Team was working hard on optimalization of the game so they might have some spare capacity to publish it :) If they do I won’t be offended. I just stand behind the fact that I would rather have a fast, smooth game :) And as I was here a long time I know that you do not really need that kind of information. I was never really interested in the profits of a particular route - I needed the passengers to fly, to feed and I was sure that it wouldn’t do me much good to know that a certain plane might be loosing money when it’s bursting with connecting traffic :)

So its not thats its not possible, but we dont want to work on more hardware to calculate it.

Once per day calculation on a different server that only supplies the data at the end of the day is the only solution.

Worse case once per wee. But i just dont like the word impossible.

I never said it’s impossible and mind you I am not a member of the team. It’s just my personal opinion. I would rather see extra features, more airports, more planes, more dynamic system than reporting that I would hardly use but would take a whole lot of CPU time :)

I will stop the quote here, because your premise is wrong. It doesn’t get calculated all those times, just when you access that page. So how many users could simultaneously access the same page at once? 10? So it’s just 10 milliseconds.

I also feel that such a feature would be good. At least it leads to more informed decision making

It would not be difficult to write a script in a programming language such Python that could automatically read in the web pages, extract the information and present it in the form you need. Unfortunately this is not allowed under the Terms and Conditions V.§4.II.

That’s right!

I was thinking about that, it’s sad their EULA doesn’t allow that. They should think about this rule again. If they don’t have a resource/time to add deep reportings, they should let others do it. This game would be thousands tomes betyer with user player contributed addons.

This game is suffereing on reportings and data calculations shouldn’t be an excuse to not to do that.

but you can do alone this calculation

  1. open flight schedule - Look on flight number

  2. open loading monitor - find flight -> open detail

  3. c/p data in excel -> you need 10 sec for copy one flight

  4. rest is easy …

Seems you have the time!, i dont with over 200 aircraft running hundreds of flights and i have multiple airlines.

in that case hire consulting company for reports :P :D

The two major evolutions I can imagine for the game are :

1/ a view on the profitability by plane

2/ a tool to show which airplane is ok for which route