Oct. 10, 2016: 

ROSSILAIR, Argentina’s second largest airline, has begun the capital intensive project of rapid expansion which it intends to do while also streamlining and updating its fleet. “Our enterprise is enjoying great financially success with extremely good growth forecast”. “We have a very strong management team and have never been better prepared (both financially and in management capacity) for the challenges ahead”, Midas02, the company CEO said. “We have been very sedate and conservative in expanding our fleet up until now because we placed a lot of emphasis on attaining financial robustness and efficient management structures first”, the CEO revealed in a recent press interview. He also revealed that the management’s decision is to carry out the big project in three phases starting with the Regional jets. The second phase will involve the complete replacement of all commuter turboprops with more modern variants. The final phase of the project is the most capital intensive and will involve the expansion, streamlining and replacement of several Wide-body jets into a single modern family type. Asked if the project included any plans to replace the popular Boeing 717s, Midas02 refused to give any specifics concerning the popular plane type. Midas02 however revealed that there were specific company strategies in place with regards to the B717s, nevertheless he refused to give any details or timeline for the implementation such plans. The ebullient CEO however mentioned that the B717 was of great strategic importance to the company and that this was all he was willing to reveal at this particular press time.


Oct 11, 2016.

ROSSILAIR is reported to be taking delivery of two new Antonov Regional jets. More details to follow.

Oct. 12, 2016:

The management of ROSSILAIR Inc. announced today that as part of the comprehensive rebranding program which the enterprise is currently undergoing, the company will be debuting both a new logo and a brand new livery for its airplanes. Speaking in a press interview held today to mark the occasion of the delivery of two brand new Antonov regional jets which were seen wearing the new livery, Midas02, the CEO, said; “ROSSILAIR will not only be renewing its fleet within the next few months but we will also be doing a total makeover and repackaging of our brand. ROSSILAIR already enjoys immense support from its customers and has accrued high profile image due to its enviable track records, however we cannot afford to rest on our oars and will not relent in our effort to constantly seek new ways to further enrich the experience of our customers”