Routes too long to serve

Hey guys,

I know that there has once been a post about "your longest routes" in the forum, but in this thread it's not about your particular routes, but rather about any theoretical route between two points.

I was wondering if there was a connection on this planet that is just too long for an airplane to handle.

(Yes, due to the unrealistic cabins in Airlinesim, even Sydney- London is viable without a payload restriction)

I was wondering if you guys know what the longest potential route on this planet is.

I found Noumea (NOU) to Teneriffe South (TFS) at 19,286km. Clocks in at 22:06 in a 777-200LR, that would still be able to carry 31 passengers. 

Anybody know something longer?


Longest from my hub in KUL with a decent runway at the other end is KUL-UIO is 19736km according to AS. If not looking for a long runway from KUL I have 38 airports greater than 19300

I know the longest distance between 2 cities is  [19,996 km (12,425 mi)] Rosario, Argentina to Xinghua, China. I'm not sure if there an airport in Xinghua, but if there is that would be the longest route. 

There's a good youtube video on this very topic