Royal Nepal Transport Group News Thread

1620 25-1-2015, Kathmandu,

The aircraft for the inaugural flight of Royal Nepal Express, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Royal Nepal Transport Group, is ready at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport. The aircraft is a brand-new ATR-42-600 leased from Aircraft Trade and Leasing Organisation. The inaugural flight will depart from the airport at 2135 to Biratnagar. During the flight, soft drinks, beer and champagne, as well as a deluxe cold meal will be served to our business travellers. We hope that all passengers will be satisfied of our inaugural flight and we pledge to serve all passengers to our best.

Due to a lack of demand, the following flights will be suspended until further notice:

RNE 1050/1051 Simara - Kathmandu

RNE 1090/1091 Bharatpur - Kathmandu

RNE 3000/3001 Ramechap - Kathmandu

RNE 3060/3061 Bajura - Rumkumkot - Kathmandu

RNE 3070/3071 Jumla - Rumkumkot - Kathmandu

RNE 3080/3081 Simikot - Rumkumkot - Kathmandu

A new route has been added to serve Rukumkot Airport

RNE 3090/3091/3092/3093 Rukumkot - Kathmandu

Flights to Bajura, Jumla and Simikot will resume after we receive DHC-6 fitted with 15 seats.

In addition, we will look for an extra L-410UVP and ATR-42 so that we can provide at least 2 daily flights to all of our destinations very soon.