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Royal Saudi Airways is the new flag carrier airline of Saudi Arabia. We are based at Jeddah International Airport and currently operating flights to 9 other destinations in Saudi Arabia. For further Information take a look at We'd be looking forward to recieve some interlining offers.

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Royal Saudi Airways is proud to announce the offical start of its FFP 'Saudi Diwan' today. For further information feel free to visit us at:

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Royal Saudi Airways gibt heute den offiziellen Start seines FFPs 'Saudi Diwan' bekannt. Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie uns bitte unter:

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Royal Saudi Airways is proud to announce the purchase of a new aircraft. The new Embraer 170 (Reg. HZ-AMU, Qasim Province) will be used on routes from Jeddah to Al Baha (ABT), Gizan (GIZ), El Qassim (ELQ), Ta'if (TIF) and Yanbu (YNB). All of these routes except the one to Gizan are new destinations served once daily.


Royal Saudi Airways gibt stolz die Einflottung eines neuen Flugzeuges bekannt. Der neue Embraer 170 (Reg. HZ-AMU, Qasim Province) wird auf den neu geschaffenen Routen von Jeddah nach Al Baha (ABT), El Qassim (ELQ), Ta'if (TIF) und Yanbu (YNB) zum Einsatz kommen. Zudem werden weitere vier Flüge von Jeddah nach Gizan (GIZ) angeboten.


After three weeks of emerging Royal Saudi Airways is proud to welcome some new arrived aircraft. One Airbus A320-200 (Reg. HZ-BEA, City of Medina) and three new Embraer 170 (Reg. HZ-AWU, Ha'il Province/ HZ-AYH, Jawf Province and HZ-AYW, Tabuk Province) have started service. There are some new routes to announce as well. Daily services from Jeddah to Amman (AMM), Bahrain (BAH), Khartum (KRT) and Sana'a (SAH) have been launched. Furthermore Damaskus (DAM) and Alexandria (HBE) are served several times a week. New daily domestic routes have also been introduced from Jeddah to Al Jawf (AJF), Arar (RAE),Bisha (BHH), Qaisumah (AQI) Gurayat (URY) and Wadi al Dawasir (EWD). As well as four flights per day from Riyadh to Dammam (DMM) and one additional flight to Jeddah.