Russian Planes....


People don’t seem to trust Russian aviation, I wonder why;…w&feature=feedu

I must say though, the pilot’s got cahones!


woow …that was close

But the russians built better looking planes =)

Canberra runway at 2,682m is a little short for a fully loaded IL-76

That is nothing compared to this. An old TU 154 flying after being in a hanger for 10+ years.

Russian Piloting Skills

Must have been all that vodka, he was trying to keep the runway in view!


In Russia… Airplanes flies on ground…

Russian pilots still know how to fly!

More like: Russian pilots still have to know how to fly - or they die… :D

The usual stereotypical jargon about Russian Aviation - often spewed out without a modicum of fact or objectivity!

If you are going to have a discussion about Russian Aircrafts, please have an intelligent one!

  • There are just as many Western Aircraft crashes (per capita) as Russian Aircrafts! (And the conditions of operation are considerably harsher too!!)

It might also be interesting to know that the same Russians Aviation industry that is ‘deemed’ unsafe is the same industry that will be ferrying Americans to Space into the forseeable future! I guess propaganda has its limits! At some point, fact-based reality becomes more practical - even for the government!