Save my airline!

I’m going to be just $36,000 short of paying my week-end dues with the airline turning a tidy profit at the moment and just starting to grow. :(

It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances as later in the day I will be flying high in profit, I stupidly purchased one too many aircraft in too short a time and they are now getting the loads needed but a day too late!

If you have a heart of gold and can help, please buy the shares I have for sale on the NY Exchange in SILSC (SilverWings). They have been up for sale for a few days now so offer great value as I have them up for $128.49 and their market value is $144.68. All I need is literally a few thousand to pay my costs. I have sunk many hours into this enterprise and will be gutted if it fails when it is so close!

Yours hopefully,



X-Air Cargo

*** If anyone can help I’d be truly grateful. In the real World I run a graphic design company, I’d happily create (for whoever helps) a top class logo as a thanks! ***

I have tried to help with my minibudget. I have bought 1000 shares which brings you normally 128.000.–

More is not possible, sorry!

You have just saved my airline! I’m forever thankful!!

If you ever need a logo designed please just ask!