Schedule change problem or just a delay?


I’m wondering if I’ve created a delay, or a problem.

Yesterday I made a change to the schedule for one of my flights. I thought I sorted all the conflicts, but I see one coming up in about 36 hrs. It’s a 100min flight, due to land at 16:49 and due to depart again at 16:35. In other words, due to depart 14 min before it lands.
After that, it has 2 more flights and then nothing until morning, a gap of 4-1/2 hrs. Hence, any delays would be cleared by morning.

Will this create any problems, or just a delay?
If it creates problems, should I delete it (and its return flight) ?

I don’t know where the threshold is but flights will be cancelled if they were to be delayed too much. so if you don’t have a lot of bookings on any one pair, I’d cancel them. this way, you, at least, have the control which one.

Thanks yukawa, that makes sense. :slight_smile: