Scheduling delays on Idlewild


I have recently (in the last few weeks) found that calculating slot times and availabilities takes a long time on Idlewild.

This concerns changing times, offsets, speed override, etc. while scheduling in the Flight Plan section. Every time I make a change it takes several seconds to take effect. That might sound trivial, but if you want to schedule a bunch of planes it does get annoying - especially when scheduling in airports where slots are scarce.

I have tried this when hooked up to a university backbone, so I doubt that it's my connection. Moreover, other parts of the site seem to work just fine.


I am having the same problem. I thought it was my connection at first as well, but I recently tried it at work, and a few other places, all the same. As above it’s only while scheduling from the aircraft. Most disconcerting as this is my preferred way to schedule.


Same for me.


I also noticed it and it takes over 10 seconds and the longest measured about 18 seconds. Also private in game messages takes a long time to load.


Scheduling works now better for me.


I am noticing again some delays with scheduling on Idlewild, takes up to 10 seconds to process speed override, or time change, when doing scheduling through the flight plan page.


Yes, I have noticed this happening again as well.


I've noticed the issue on Quimby.

On the other hand, Otto and Hoover seem just fine.


Well Quimby and Idlewild run on the same machine, so it’s kinda expected if one has issues for the other one to have issues as well.


I see, I did not know that. That's highly unfortunate.