In the new patch there’s going to be scrapping of A/C by AS after a certain period of time. Can you guys describe this feature a bit more? Does this mean older A/C, like the 752 for example, will be scrapped until they’re none left? On Croydon for example, there’s tons of A320’s that are on the newer side, will these be scrapped as well? And what is taken into account for be scrapped? Will older A/C (which are inherently cheaper) be first to be scrapped?

I’m just curious as this to me seems like fairly big feature, but there was absolutely no explanation on how exactly it works or what it does exactly.

No, only aircraft in production will be scrapped.

I wonder if offered planes are still bought automatically after two weeks without interest in it.

I would hate to see older A/C scrapped. These are 1)cheap to get; 2)a newcomers best friend. Starting an airline is hard, so being able to get older A/C helps!! I hope not too many A/C will be scrapped.