Seat and service ratings based on time not km's

Why are ratings for seats, service, etc based on km’s rather than time?

In real life whether something is comfortable, service is good or there is enough time to serve food is a factor of time, not distance.

It seems unfair that for a given length route seats and service on a turboprop (which flies slower) is judged equally with a jet aircraft, or similarly on medium haul routes with long range regional jets (e.g. A220) being a bit slower than the wide bodies (e.g. A350 / 787).

Hopefully this would be an easy update, but would align more closely to real world and allow a bit more differentiation between airline operating models.

It’s not rated equally, maximum rating in a turboprop tops at I believe 91 points.

On seats and service?
Yes, I understand turboprops often have a lower ORS rating due to their lower ‘popularity with passengers’ but that’s not relevant to the seat and service quality ratings (despite the material difference in flight time), and also not relevant in the example of LR regional jets vs. wide bodies.

It’s merely a simplification. The distance is fixed, the flight time isn’t. If we want to display the effective rating of a service profile, we can just do so for a single distance. Were the rating based on flight time, we’d have to display some sort of range. It would because harder to reason about it and of course it would be a tad more work to implement. That said, in a future iteration of AS I wouldn’t display such rating values to begin with. That’s not how the world works :smiley: