Seat quality

In my previous airlines I really haven’t done much flying over 2500km, and have generally been satisfied with economy seats and baseline bizseats. I’ve started some longer flights this time round, and am wondering if I need to put better seats in. What kind of distance is your cut off for putting nicer seats in? Do the higher quality seat offer enough increase in rating to offset the lower number of seats with an increase in price?

I usually use EcoPlus for the real longhaul routes and may upgrade Biz to Business Advanced. I have stopped carrying First Class passengers around since somewhen around 2008/9, so I can’t really remember what I did with those…

I would dare to say it all depends on competition. If competition is low

and route demand is high - you can use economic seats. If competition

is high or route heavily depends on connecting PAX - ecoplus would

be better choice.

I generally use Economy (NOT standard) and Business Basic on flights less then 5 hrs.


I offer EcoPlus and Business Premium seats.


I’ve configured my seats according to aircraft so I can still get a decent number of seats:

Q400s : Economy and Bus Advanced (and some have Business Premium)

737s (including those flying up to 8 hour flights): Economy and Bus Premium

767s (mainly ULH): Eco Plus and Bus Premium

I usually have a lot more short-haul flights than long haul flights, and find it important to have a good number of seats on my long haul planes to feed pax to the short haul flights - thus the decision to go with Eco in my 737s and not Eco Plus.


I’ve used a pretty standard Economy and Bus Advanced for domestic flights. Some regional flights still have reminants of my older fleet with Economy Basic and some high volume flights I offer weird variations. But generally just Economy and Bus Advanced for domestic. Now for International or longer hauld, I’ve upgraded quite a bit of my fleet to Eco Plus, Bus Premium, and some first class seats.