Selling 2 ATR´s 42-500 and Cessna 208

I´m selling 2 ATR 42-500 and 1 Cessna 208 at 90% of the original price. It´s a good deal to start and buy your first aircraft which will give you the oportunity to request loans

Selling companies:

ATR 42-500 Air Ecuador 0,6 years old 11.640.987 AS$

ATR 42-500 Caribbean Spirirt 0,5 yeats old 10.421.770 AS$

Cessna 208 Caribbean Spirit 0,2 years old 2.468.972 AS$

I think you will have to go much lower with the price (maybe 50%?)

u can offer those atr planes for lease. a lot of players use these planes. instead of may be selling them with loss, u can earn profit leasing them out.

Thanks for the advice guys!