Selling a subsidiary in Europe??

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I was wondering if anyone is considering selling a subsidiary in the EU. If so I would really like to buy it. Please message me if you are considering such a plan.



Also, how does this work in terms of holding and subsidiary? if my holding is based in Asia and buy majority shares in a Canadian or European airline, is that permissible?

permissible yes, but you will not have any traffic rights in the other country, so you won’t be able to transport passengers, only freight

Thanks for your reply. So that means effectively I will only be able to transport freight with or without a subsidiary in EU…because I can do it even with the headoffice in DXB. So what I have understood is that I can buy a running and operational EU based airline but as soon as I become its owner with my holding in Aisa, the EU carrier is only good for cargo?

Yep… that’s what Danielba said and he is correct.

If your holding is based in Dubai, that European airline will become a Dubai based airline if you buy the majority of the shares.


thanks for the info guys. this helps.

Well, one last thing: Lets presume you own 40% of an airline in Europe, but your holding is not based in the EU-Treaty aera. If now two shareholders who are acutally IN the EU-Treaty each own 30%, than you might be able to fly within europe. See:

40% You - Somewhere in Asia

30% Somebody in the EU-Treaty

30% Somebody else in the EU-Treaty

Than the airline has EU-Treaty light permissions, but you are in control ;)

Not 100% sure, but I think an airline automatically receives the traffic rights of the largest shareholder - even if that is a minority stake. Effectively, you control the airline "offshore", regardless of whether you own >50% or not.

Controlling an airline with foreign traffic rights is possible if more than 50% of the shares are owned by different holdings in the same country (observed some time ago on idlewild). Not sure if it works with EU-Treaty if the holdings are located in different countries of the Treaty.


even if it is possible, you would have the sword of Damocles dangling over your head… As soon as one of these European shareholders sells his shares to a non-European company, or if one of these shareholders stops playing, you end up with an airline that is based in Europe but cannot transport passengers.


thanks for the replies and info everyone. i considered the solution but sure it sounds awfully complicated and almost like a hung parliament. i guess ill forgo this consideration and focus on free access markets instead.

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