Selling subsidiary in the U.S.

I am thinking about selling my subsidiary GoldJet in Denver (DEN - CO/US). It operates 11 EMB195´s in business- and first-only config. GoldJet´s IPO last week went quite well and flushed a few mln AS$ in the account I used to lease new aircraft, operating on routes from MSP, ATL, LAS and EWR. There are only two active IL´s and the average LF´s are good. GoldJet offers a wide U.S. only network, that could fit very well to your company. The shares would cost somewhere near 22.000.000 AS$, so if you are interested contact me ingame. Offers are welcome, feel free to offer directly for all of my shares at the bourse (213.549 shares, at 105AS$/share this means ca 22,42 mln AS$ in total).

Please keep in mind that your company must be based in the U.S. because of the traffic rights!

Note that I will only sell GoldJet as a whole, not just the 51% of it!

Company Site: GoldJet

GoldJet (bourse): GOLDJ