Separate category for private gameworlds

Would it be possible to make a separate category in the boards for all the private game world topics? For players who are not interested in private servers I find it a bit annoying that most of the normal boards are filled with privat gameworld announcements by now. :man_shrugging:t3: Just my opinion. No offense :slight_smile:

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They are all listed in exclusive game worlds sections…

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Ahhhh stop your toxicness.

Do not you think he means his very own category his own forum, so it does NOT fall under “latest updated threads” on the forum. Private worlds also do nothing but spam the forum.

This is one of the reasons why I do not publish updates in my forum thread, so my players do it instead is their business …

Who do you mean with toxicness?

There is a way to make certain categories invisible. In your settings.

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Wrong saying.

I thought you could have given him the right information instead of how he turned it off etc as the first, but correct that Private worlds have their own category.

Your wording is quite strange. Choose a better translation tool. Then you might be able to write I a normal way.

Ok didn’t know it’s already in an own section cause I’m usually checking the forum with my phone and then it’s always just the list with the latest updates.
But actually I meant an own forum like Erobran said so it doesn’t mix up with the actual game topics in that latest updates. Cause after all it doesn’t have to do anything with the actual game. I’ll just turn it invisible then, didn’t know that option. Thanks :wink:

And calm down guys we’re not on twitter here so no need to attack each other :slight_smile:

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Private worlds are of course still part of that game. I am also not interested on posts from servers I am not playing. So the switch off option is quite good.

You can also change your forum settings to show you a different view, go to “Preferences > Interface” and chose a different default home page.

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