Shares for sale - SSHISP

A considerable amount of shares is up for sale for Shooting Star Hispanico (10,000/65,000).

I will be able to offer more shares for sale at a reasonable price if there is enough interest (Up to 42.5% of total shares). The company is well-located, with no direct competitors and is making around 2 mln net profit every week so it is a great investment for anyone looking for more exposure in Spain.

A link to the enterprise - http://stapleton.air…erprise/id/6560.

Let me know here if you want to negotiate any terms. If you want full control of the company, the price would be quite a bit higher.


I might be interested but only if i can get 51% for a reasonable price.


The company is not for sale to current direct competitors, sorry.

haha. Are you scared? And btw. I wasn’t a direct competitor till you showed up at BCN.

My partner there got bust (Barceire), so I had to to do it. If he didn’t liquidate, I’d have gone PMI probably :)

Actually, if you are willing to work with my company, I could relocate to PMI quite easily as I don’t like the lack of slots (takes too much time to create schedules).

If this happens, I’d also be willing to sell a majority share in SSHISP at normal share price + 5%.

PMI instead of BCN? This are only about 200 km. We would still have competition.

It may be close but traffic and slots are different. As there is no one in my alliance that is close to Southern France/Northern Spain, I need to be in the region. Giving up BCN and ALC to you and moving to PMI should work if we share networks.

If you mind that much, I go for one of MRS, LYS, NCE. If you seed me IL request, I’d move to one of them. Regarding SSHISP, you can bid whenever you have enough cash but the price will always be +5 normal price for majority share.

Shares still on sale! Take advantage while you can!