Short haul alternative of the Dash8?

Hey guys I’m looking for an alternative choice for below 500km flights

the E-Jet, CRJ, and the Superjet all seems to be good choices, but I just couldn’t make up my mind

anyone with any experience on any of these planes are welcome to input their opinions, thanks!

Take a look at the ATRs, especially if you are playing on Meigs!

739 is a really good choice if there is enough demand, very profitable…

CRJ no, E-jet is good in meigs, tempelhof no, don’t know about other servers, atr is good in meigs too, almost as good as dash8, especially 500km- routes…

Thanks for the input, yes I do play on Meigs, I’ll see if others have more opinions on the planes

Also, I’m probably not going to go for the ATRs, I want something with high popularity rating, and have more capacity than the dashes

Sorry I didn’t make it clear at start

why CRJ no?

for me the CR7 is working well. almost better than the e-jets would do.

739erBGW beats everything…the closer the better.

one word: margin

on a 500km route, dash8 and at7’s margins are so much higher than cr7, I used to own cr7s in tempelhof and sometimes there were cr7 and dash8 on the same route/short, the difference was huge, so I dumped them… as for the medium haul, cr9 is way better than cr7, do you realize that cr7 consumes more fuel than cr9?

and In meigs, e95 has become a super bird, can be used in both short and medium hauls and great margin, other e-jets, i am not very keen.

But if you’re trying to fly some medium haul to the low demanding farm tracks where no one cares to touch, guess cr7 could do the trick, otherwise I would always go for CR9 or E95

I have compared 2 routes in meigs, you can check below, CDG-ZRH/500KM CDG-HEL/1900KM


Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 9.02.14 PM.png


Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 9.27.02 PM.png

and what’s about the seats you have to fill?

it’s the most important point.

why should i use a “cheap” e95 if i can’t fill their seats on my domestic routes?

and why should i use the dash8 with it’s low rating?

questions after questions

Good point, that’s something I forgot to mention about cr7, easy to fill… especially during tense competitions! because of its good rating, BUT, popularity rating is merely one of the factors to balance the rating of one specific flight, other than that you have staff mood, on board service and so on, and most importantly price, maybe you don’t want to hear it but a 130% priced cr7 is still not as profitable as an approximately 115% priced dash8… the price performance ratings are the same then or dash8 could get even a bit higher…

and agreed that e95 isn’t good enough for a domestic market like France has, while you have loads of companies and only a few major airports…

please do not hate me :unsure:, I could be totally wrong…

the region where you’ll use the aircraft is important, like you said.

in usa for example the e95 would be a good aircraft for sure. a crj700 could be too small for the most airports.

but in little europe, where you’ll have many many airports within a range of ~ 1500km from 3 to 10 bars it’s difficult to use the right plane for every airport. it’s also a question of planning your aircrafts. it’s also not economic to flight with a e95 four times to a 7-10 bar airport and at the end you need a closer filler for the maintenance ratio and use a 3 bar airport. all this is easier with my cr7’

It really depends on demand… If demand is low, take the dash8-4 or an ATR, both great.

I would only use CRJ jets on short-medium haul flights, for everything else 737B or 739B.

Margin isn’t that important. Cashflow is.

Using the tools as above comparing the CRJ700 vs Dash8 Q400 the CRJ700 came out more profitable - my routes for them are mostly 1300-2200km. It can operate more flights, it generates a better weekly profit based on my seating and 105% ticket price. With the Dash8 downgrade to 3 green bars too, I found it necessary to change to th CRJ700 with the same number of seats and better rating (tied with the better results).

Dash8 is only 2 Bars @ Meigs 2.0

I am happy that one plane can bring me lots of cash, and I would be the happiest if all costs are at their lowest level… who wouldn’t…

I like the Saab 2000 myself