Short haul Bombardier vs EBR vs everything else

So, i've noticed that quite few ppl using bombardiers(cr7, crk, and sometimes cs100) instead of e195 on short haul routes (400-1000km).

What are the differences between the two corp planes (or three, sometimes i see sukhois too), because aircraft evaluer stated that e95 is better.

Also as i saw lot of ppl using  conf/conf+ seats (y) with recl short haul( c ) , how  profitable is that, with 1/3 less seats(yea, i know u can charge 20-30% more, but still…) ?

The good thing about E95 is that it is a regional jet with capacity near to narrow bodies and excellent economics as you mentioned. It is very often used by start-ups in bigger markets, hence they are ordered in large numbers. Jets like CR7s, AN148s are mostly preferred by smaller markets or some regional subsidiaries of bigger airline.
Regarding bigger seats you can even charge 40-50% extra depending on your competition. You can also charge 20-30% less with smaller seats. Depends on your business plan.

The CRJ has 3 quite good types of planes (CR7, CR9 and CRK) that give you a wide range of seat sizes with just one maintenance category.

The E95 does better than the CRK (but only if you can fill it), yet the other EMB variants fall short of the CRJs.

So if most of your regional flights are in the CRK/E95 seat range, the E95 is a better choice. If you have lots of flights that require a smaller variant, the family of CRJs will do better overall.

I see. 

I’l try now a medium haul(first routes mostly 1200-2000km) route company w/ 738bgw’s, then i may try bombardiers on nearby small airports(1-5 bars) to feed my hq.

You can make profit with conf seat on CRJ7 if you have a low profit on the route, but you need to ensure your business class is making profit as the economy won't make too much (or hardly any). 

If you consider the conf seats on all aircraft. It's matter of better images, and you can definitely making money even with default price (I'm doing this). but if you can fill in flights with Leisure seat, it can be more profitable. Not sure about your Recliner shorthaul question. My minimum seat seating for business class is Recliner Longhaul, a lot of time is Lie-Flat 140/160... and it still makes quite a lot of money.

You also need to consider whether you can actually fill in those extra seats if you add more seats on flights. More seats doesn't equal to more profitable. 

It will be interesting if i'l be able to do this, since a 1 day older airline w/o parrent leased 21 superjets from one of the largest corp(possible to lease planes for free or almost no money?) on the server, flooded the market(india)  with far worse ors rated routes than my routes, and my routes hasnt started to fill up, maybe 6-7 hrs later i'l see if i have to restart...again. (jeez this game gives me headahce :D )

Frequently alliances will lease planes to new members or make arrangements for new members to be set up, to fill gaps in certain markets and they usually lease those planes at 10% of the value.

Thats good to know, luckily my competitor did a terrible job with superjets(btw what your oppinion about russian planes?) since hes got only 6 ors rate. Maybe i should apply to an alliance fast…

Thats good to know, luckily my competitor did a terrible job with superjets(btw what your oppinion about russian planes?) since hes got only 6 ors rate. Maybe i should apply to an alliance fast..

Just applying for an alliance won't help you. First of all the big alliances who are the ones who help their new members only want airline who have proven that they know what they are doing and then they help them. Ofcource there are on every world "newbie" alliances who accept everyone but there there are just newbies who don't have the possibility to help you. I suggest you wait a week or two and make sure to make money then apply for the biggest alliances and if you are accepted someone will most likely help you as long as are in fighting in a market which is tactically important for the alliance in question. If you make it in into a large alliance and they help you then the most important thing is NOT to restart. Alliances hate that especially after spending time and money on helping the new member. Probably you will not be accepted back into the same alliance again and you will have a hard time explaining this in applications to other alliances.

Russian planes are great if you bother waiting for them to be delivered. I prefer AN-148/158s or Superjets over CRJs and E Jets because their wider cabin fit my seating configurations better and they perform quite equally. There is just one problem with them which is their extremely long delivery time. I really like the TU-204s for cargo as they perform equally or better than 757s which are quite rare. But if you order 100 or so you will wait atleast 2 years untill you have received them.

I think if there are SSJs or An148s in the used market, they will be quite good models for you to start. If it's not an option, just forget about them as you won't get them when you need them as CBE explained caused by the production rate. 

Also, know the alliance a little bit more when you consider to apply. Some alliance help more, some alliances not.