Should I wait for Otto VI?

Hey everyone.
I’m unsure if this is the right thread, I’m new to forums but I had a question.
I am a relatively new player (I have tried trial enterprises in Hoover and Xiguan) but am finally getting some credits. However, I have been made aware that there is a new Otto World opening on Friday. I found it hard to get an airline off the ground as a newbie in the other servers, so my question is should I wait for Otto VI? Or is there another good World for newer players?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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There is no newbie world. Hence you should think about your strategy which you wanna play. Then choose a country which you wanna play. And last but not least, check the existing servers if you can find that spot with no or not much competition.
If you should wait für Otto VI or not - your choice. Be aware that many many players will start on day 1. It will be very crowded.

Starting in a new world is harder than an older existing in my opinion. Search AS route map for starter airports whereby you can build a hub then go for it. ICN and GMP are fairly empty on Ellinkion, which is the best server imo

Why is it Ellinkion for you? Just curious…

The start of a new game word is relatively “easy”: Tons of available slots, only few competing flights and many niches/monopolistic markets. Only the lower demand at the beginning can be challenging.
But the dynamic is very high on new game worlds. There are many players, new players are joining all the time, some of them growing very fast. After a couple of weeks, it can be already hard to get free slots on some major airports. Top player are able to push you out of you market with their money and fast growing network quite soon. Niches and monopolistic markets loose their status, profitable routes get unprofitable. Now it’s a very hard time for a beginner. For experienced players it’s nice because they can get big quite fast.
If you start on a new game world it’s really important as new player that you don’t start on one of the big hubs. Rather try a smaller market or create a hub on a medium sized airport.

The start on an existing game world is very hard: You need to do a lot of research to find a good spot to start on one of the servers. As beginner this can be quite challenging as it is not always obvious if a spot is suitable to start.
If you found a good spot it gets easier: Usually you have a wide variety of used aircraft, so you might make a bargain. The dynamic is low - no we player are joining and the existing one don’t realise that a new player joined (or can’t react because there are no more empty slots on their hub.
It’s very hard and time consuming to get a big airline, but this should anyway not be your target at the moment. But it’s definitely more relaxing to play on an existing game world without the pressure from the fast growing competitors.If you have a profitable network, it is most likely still profitable in 2 months.

Sorry again, but is there a particular way I can check this?
I was looking for this feature but I’m unsure as to where to look
Thanks again

You mean how you can check if an airport is good to start?
Unfortunately there’s not an easy way (that’s why I wrote that the start is hard), but there are some tools that might help:

  • is an external tool with some nice features. You cal also check for slot availability. I don’t use it for this purpose as not all the data are updated and the exclusive gameworlds mess up the data
  • The “Big thread of opportunities” thread in the forum. From time to time you get suggestions where you could start your airline. The downside: Everyone can read this, so it’s likely that you are not the only one that starts at this airport
  • Check the fleet list on the server. It’s time consuming, but that’s usually what I do if I’m looking for a new challenge. Click play on one of the older server, then go to database (top right) - fleet list. Here you can search for the active aircrafts of player that are based in the selected country. Check the countries you are interested in: If the fleet list is small or empty, it looks good. Next check the situation of the major airports in the country or that are close to the planned hub (you can check airports without logging in). If the competition also looks ok - go for it. If not, go to the next country or next server

Nice starting countries with often free capacities are for example Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Philippines, …
On Kaitak for example Lima looks nice. To start and gain some experience this might be a good opportunity.

Adding some more good spots to start.
Chile, Vietnam, Nigeria. Morocco, Algeria, Venezuela.

@highscore: Chile and Vietnam are in most cases no good spots from my point of view (though they are often suggested).
Reason: Both countries have a long, slim shape, and close to the major airport an other airport of an open investment country. Mendoza Airport in Argentina is only 200km away from Santiago. As Argentina is an open investment country in most game worlds, most likely one of the big players already built a huge network there. Because of how the ORS works in AS, this player will get a significant amount of your domestic demand (because of the shape of the country the 200km are not a big detour for the passengers). So though there is no competitor in Chile it’s still very hard to be successful, and beginners don’t understand why.

In Vietnam it’s the same challenge with Cambodia

Thank you all.
I am originally from South America so those and the North American Markets in particular work fairly well for me.
Thank you Jimmy for the route map.
My question is as follows, if I establish myself quickly in the new server on Friday on a market I am comfortable with, is there any sort of disadvantage to being a new user versus being an experienced player (of course experience but anything else?)
Otherwise, for the “older” game worlds, should I choose something like Kaitak or a “newer” longterm like say Gatow or Hoover?
Thanks again to all for the help

My experience in Chile was very good. I was completely knew to AS and made an airline flying there. Even with the biggest player on that server in Argentina.
So for me, Chile is still a good spot.

There is no difference between new and old players. Just experience.
There is also no difference in general between the different servers. You should check the countries you want to play on every server. Much more important for me is to find the best strategy. Also important would be for me if used planes are available.

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Of course it depends on how the network of your competitor looks like. I was also successful in Chile, but mainly because the player in Argentina focussed only on Buenos Aires as hub and did not realise the potential of a 2nd hub (maybe he realised later).
But that’s the challenge for new players (and what I like about AS): There’s no general stragety that always works - you always need to adapt to the situation. A stragety that worked on game world X can completely fail on game world Y. You need to find the niches and then take advantages out of it.
I have now the experience to see if it’s worth to start an airline or not (in most cases I could also survive in very challenging situations), but for new players it’s gambling. But failing and restart is definitely part of the learning curve, and new players shouldn’t be scared of it.

Ok. Thank you all for your help.

My suggestion for you if you want to start on OttoVI:

  • Wait 1 day until you start. You can check now in which countries and on which airports how many players wants to start. So you can now avoid the top players that most likely would push you out of the market soon (this players like to start as soon as possible)
  • Try, fail and ask questions: It’s not a shame to restart, it’s a shame to not try it again and not learn out of your mistakes.

What time is it likely to open, and in what time-zone?
(I’m GMT -10, or -11 with Daylight Savings
that’s Melbourne Oz and some other less important places :wink: )

Heck, I’m down to 28 cr… I should top-up to be in Otto as well.

Would love the answer to this question as well. If anyone knows what time (in any timezone) the worlds open. Is it Midnight in the clock at the bottom of the world?
Thank you all for your help, you’ve been incredibly useful. I have a gameplan set for Otto. Honestly, I was on ASRouteMap and multiple old and new longterm worlds and even the airports that had good availability on multiple existing worlds just had too much capacity, there were already some very good long-haul established enterprises, so I’m going to go and try to establish myself in Argentina/Uruguay, Costa Rica, Seattle, Salt Lake City (US), NE Brazil (TBD), Bucharest, Phuket, or some other “minor” but medium-capacity hub. If any of you have any recommendations I would love to hear them :slight_smile:
Again thank you all and I will hopefully see you soon :wink:

We usually try to avoid announcing any specific launch time for new game worlds, but I’ll make any exception this time, so you don’t have too stay awake for too long: It’ll probably be another ~6h before Otto VI opens - possibly around 16:00 UTC.