Single Pilot Aircraft

Why are so many of the Aircraft that are certified for single pilot operation and often flown that way mandatory 2 pilot ops in AS. I seems overly punitive to any US based operations, especially for cargo ops the Caravan the EMB Bandit and the Beech 1900's are all single pilot ops and even can be for pax ops if only flying limited pax.

The 2 pilot costs makes the caravan pretty pointless as well as the baby Emb's and the only time you'll ever see  an islander being used two crew is when you really need to be worried as it means the pilot flying is under training and who knows how his landings will be.

If you experience anything you knwo better and can proof by (reliable) sources, feel free to send this to

BN2 and Trislander have specific EASA exemptions from 2 crew operations as does the DH Twin Otter

The Islander should also have a cargo option since that is equal more or less to the Caravan by weight.

The EMB 110 was only ever a SE ops type rating as are the whole King Air/Beach 1900's although in pax ops the 1900 is limited if flown single pilot to fewer pax.

The Metro-liners again are basically the same as the B1900/Raytheons so are single crew especially in cargo 

The Caravan is only a SE pilot tpe rating as is the PC12 which are only flown 2 crew by some regions/operators  of the world and usually for preference of image  than practicality,

As for the LET 410's well you need to split them by age pre 2007 and post 2007 and then by country too so god luck on that one

Whit the LET 410 there is not a big differens between the pre 2007 and post 2007. There is just a small change in the cockpit intstruments and the engines. Well it should give the LET 410 a bettre fuel advantage whit the past 2007 410. Acording to me it could stay the way it is as we can now have a pre 2007 LET 410 and have the same fuel efficency as a post 2007. The Beech 1900 and the EMB Bandit can be flown by 1 pilot when it is on private flight but any operation comercialy needs 2 pilots. It is the same whit all aircraft except the Pilatus Porter which can fly whit 1 pilot both in comercial flights and private flights.


You are only referring to EASA rules. Many other states allow the EMB and the early Let to be single pilot commercial with pax limited to 12 or fewer. The main difference to pre/post 2007 for let would be pre 2007 only a few enterprises should be allowed it since all aircraft registrations are in your home state.  eg. pre 200 Let had little chance of being registered in any original JAR state