SkyGlobe Alliance looking for new members!


Welcome to the SkyGlobe Alliance! We are a group of airlines working together to achieve global connectivity and cooperation between members and for our clients.

We are currently looking for NEW MEMBERS. INTERESTED TO JOIN? We are open to applications from airlines from the following regions and countries (but not limited to these):

  • EUROPE: EU based airlines, Russia, Turkey, Iceland, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries etc.
  • ASIA: Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, various Middle Eastern airlines etc.
  • AFRICA: all countries including South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria etc.
  • AMERICAS: Canada, Argentina, Chile

If you are interested in joining SkyGlobe there are a few rules you must be aware of:

  1. Your airline must have been operating for at least 3 weeks before applying
  2. You must offer good quality service and seating to passengers
  3. You must not be based in a country where we currently have an active member (excelt for USA and China where we can accept up to 3 members). Please refrain from applying if you do not meet this requirement.

You may contact an alliance Director or Manager in advance to discuss the particularities of your application. Also keep in mind that we are somewhat flexible when it comes to interlining arrangements. We accept cargo focused airlines.


Hey there!

American Aquiver Airways is interested to join the Alliance and offers close cooperation and strategic partnership. American Aquiver offers a high service standard on all flights and operates out of the main Hubs Tulsa, Memphis, Indianapolis and Cincinatti. American Aquiver is engaged in both passenger and cargo operation.

I am open for new ideas and for expanding my network in cooperation with existing alliance members. 

Kind regard