Slot blocking


Is there any official rule against slot blocking ? A certain airline from another country started blocking slots at my hub with small aircraft .

From the start i wanted to avoid this but if he continues i will be forced to do the same.

Of course:

Don’t block them yourself, just report the airline or contact AS staff.


[color="#FFA500"][font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][size="2"]This company has already been reported[/size][/font][/color]

So i’m not the only one thinking that he is breaking the rules!

But you don’t know what they are reported for - might be something different ;)

i’d recommend to email the support team, they will probably check the situation and take action if needed

Hi Lacisoft,

it is not always easy to draw the line between fair play and cheating. Every player might "feel" that something is wrong, while the cheater insists that he only tries to play a fair and honest game. I remember a similar complaint last year on the Tempelhof server, where the AS-team did not intervene. Or could not intervene because they could not prove this player had the intention to cheat.

This is what the rules say: "therefore, making use of them (slots) for no other reason than to deny their use to another player is expressly forbidden. This particularly concerns blocking off airport slots with dummy aircraft not equipped with crew or seats, or timetabled in such a way as to ensure cancellations will occur."

If this airline has traffic rights, and his planes are flying "real" routes, there is not much the AS-team can do.

But hey, wait and see. And keep us informed ;)


Yes, flying real routes but not in a reasonable manner. On routes where a DH4 can fill up in just one daily passenger generation, why would someone use a 14 seater CNC (Cessna) aircraft, which has also a bad passenger rating ? And this is happening not on one but on tens of routes, all very profitable routes which can fill even an A320 easily.

What is the route … or at least what is the distance between airports and their ratings?


if I see an airline who operates 2000 weekly flights from a major airport like Chicago O’Hare, and hundreds of flights out of Atlanta, and he only uses Dashes and (35 !) Cessna’s… then I am tempted to think this guy is “saving” slots :P

This same player has another holding in Heathrow that also operates Cessna’s. This airline has 1000 weekly flights out of Amsterdam, including 11 daily (Cessna) flights between AMS and DUS. To be honest, if I had an airine in Amsterdam, I would also frown my eyebrows…

But he may well be following the rules. In that case there is nothing the AS-team can do. Well, they can send him a message and kindly ask him not to use toy planes out of a major airport. And so can you do. And every other airline who operates out of Amsterdam can kindly ask him the same question.

And if nothing helps, you can refuse to interline with him. Besides, I guess it is pretty useless to interline with Cessna’s anyway, except for destinations where nobody else flies to… his AMS-DUS flight has an overall ORS rating of 40. I am sure our virtual passengers will find dozens of other combinations to get in Düsseldorf, whith much better ratings !


The answer for you is in Sobelair’s post.

Yes its about the airline operating the AMS-DUS flights with Cessna’s on Stapleton. And i’m very annoyed that everyone finds this questionable but no one (including AS team) is willing to take any steps to resolve this problem.

Then can i ask what should stop me to operate real routes with real passengers and real schedule between LHR-AMS with a fleet of 50 LET’s or 100 LET’s or maybe even 150 LET’s ? Its not that big of an investition, with my current income i could fill up AMS slots in a few days at most one week. And i could claim that i operate real routes and i’m not breaking the rules.

But i never wanted to do this, i want it to be a fair game for everyone as soon as they can afford some nice airplane and a real route they are free to open routes to AMS, but not if someone is coming and blocking slots.

This was discussed at great length in the old forums, I had a problem on Templehof a few weeks after it started where 25% or so of the slots had been used by one LET operator at my hub. Several possible solutions were tabled by players to help stop/reduce the occurrence as often they’re operating within the rules but not really playing fair. I hope that it’ll be sorted eventually.

I think the problem will be resolved by itself within a few weeks, because it’s a lot of work to keep an eye on all this little planes.

there’s no problem with this players behaviour and the way he’s operating another company with a similar concept is something i’ve been interested to also. well in europe this concept might be strange but that’s no cheating.

any one of you heard about private business sized feeding of main hubs?

(Like e.g. LH is having done extern by contract …)

any one of you heard about constant high frequent service - to supply a hub several times daily - instead of one rotation per day?

any one of you got the impression sometimes that small airfields need small planes?

what is wrong about flying small aircrafts on very short haul?

what is wrong about flying small aircrafts - to pick some of the remaining few passangers - on routes others serve with bigger jets and larger home-hub conectivity - instead of using these same sized jets as the competitors - but then flying half filled?

I choose the aircraft which i think is fitting well to it´s tasks.

E.g.: AMS-HAM on Dash is poor booked one time daily - so i use Cessna - also because i don´t want to conflict my IL partner in HH and his services to AMS by using more dashs on fighting fares myself…

As long i am FLYING for REAL and PROVIDING also villages with bus-alike-frequent service - - - I DON`T BLOCK SLOTS.

These services are for real and to last.

And if i get the impression my own hub conectivity is large enough - i maybe will re-jet some routes with bigger planes. If i want to.


what for should i block slots at AMS?

My airline won´t be allowed to do NON-EU / longhaul services there - so what for should i reserve slots at AMS? I mean at: A M S T E R D A M.

AMS - which has about 50% FREE slot space?


Go and do your work the way you like - i do mine - in a fair way - not denunciating competitors of unfair gaming if they play a small sized niche concept.


of kranic, travellton and swan.

If that’s his strategy than let him go, BUT he has to stick to it. When/If he starts replacing all those Cessna slots with a real fleet, delete his company…

thank you so much for letting me choose the aircraft i want to.

@Giraffe355 and @fws

If you don’t know each other, maybe you shouldn’t ask here “WHO YOU ARE” at all and meet for a beer. Or with other words - no more offending threads anymore or otherwise these are the last words ;)

Oh come on, my reply was not rude at all :rolleyes: ;)

mine wasn´t also. if you ask me. it was just the name of a dictator. really sorry.


Since when is AMS a small airfield that needs small planes ?

When did you see 75+ daily scheduled passenger flights with Cessna aircraft from AMS in the real world ?

You are distorting reality because LH does external feeding with DH4 or CRJ not with CNC. Show me one feeder from LH with aircraft smaller then 20 passengers.

Constant high frequent service which you cite can be done and many people doing it with DH4 aircraft. I can show you that many players have 5 or more daily flights between two individual airports with larger aircraft.

Why would you operate for example CNC flights between AMS and DUS at that much frequency when 4-5 daily flights with DH4 can be filled easily and passengers can connect at any flight this way ? You cannot claim better rating as your ratings for these CNC flights are poor (they aren’t showing at all in the ORS)

AMS is an intercontinental hub, which if filled with Cessnas will not be able to operate intercontinental flights on the longer run.

In the last two weeks slot availability dropped significantly at AMS exactly because of your activity. Two more weeks like this and there will be no more slots at AMS as they no longer are anymore in LHR or are very scarce at ORD or ATL, airports you operate at.

Everyone believes what he wants. I believe you are blocking slots with CNC to be later replaced by DH4. As AMS is my base i will fight this whatever way i can. I like operating the A320 family because that is what should operate at AMS (at least in the real world A320 and B737 are the most frequent AMS visitors) but it seems that this game is biased towards DH4 and i have no choice but operating that, otherwise my competitors will gain an advantage by filling slots faster and with more profit margin then i can. Getting the deposit for an A320 takes time, more then a DH4 or a CNC. So i will add one DH4 a day at AMS until all slots are filled. This is no cheating because these will be real planes with real passengers and real routes.

and later you replace d4 with a320?

your own somewhat xxxxxx replies blame this strategy SLOT BLOCKING.

very strange.

whatsoever - go for your panic dashs - and have fun.