Slot bug? Slot cheating?

Hi all,

It has come to my attention when I am adding another weekly flight to the schedule that several flight numbers, previously scheduled and operated without any problems for a year are suddenly showing errors. Precisely speaking they are all showing the slotting problem. I have never changed my schedules for these flights and they kept running normally until the day I am adding the frequency. When I click the time slot for detail flights, my normal flights are removed from the list and it is somewhat a “coincidence” that my original slots were squeezed out by a company that is suspicious of traffic right cheating, multi accounts, etc. You can check the images I affixed to see what the situation is. You could tell that the Sunday schedule(showing L) is just added and then the originally normally operated flight on MTF is now showing ! after applying sunday addition.

If you are playing on Gatow server, it is fairly interesting on how - no names here! - and its subsidiaries IPOs and merges. It is also very interesting on how they could add to 1100 flights in PEK when there is only 6% slots available. (BTW, the case mentioned above is prevalent in my PEK station too.)

It is considerably time-consuming to schedule international flights under limited time slots, and it is infuriating to see the time I spent came to nothing either by a systematic bug, or by cheating. It is understandable if there is a bug caused by system upgrade (in which case there has to be an arbitration to return the slots) but it is not understandable to tolerate cheating regardless of the case. Thus I sincerely hope, even it is only suspicious, there could be somebody looking into that.



No names here. You can report the company in game or via email.

Under some rare circumstances slots get overbooked. If you then try to modify an existing flight, it can happen that your previously working slot is already taken and your flight becomes invalid.

Contact support to reset the airport as there might be more slots like that wrong. Your slot though will be gone.

So this is not cheating, but a rare bug.

This bug is getting common. Needs to be fixed.

And the support will not fix it. Once I sent this bug to them, the response I got was they cannot do anything on it. It seems the support acknowledge it as valid.

I’m sorry but I’ve come across this bug many times and support have always reset the slots, usually in record quick time. In terms of a big fix so it doesn’t happen remember we only have one developer, and this is hardly a priority

And as I stated. Your lost slots will be gone, the support is NOT ABLE to get them back to you.

The reset that support can do is to prevent further similar errors on the same airport (and usually even frees up some slots).