Small logos approvement

Experiencing it on Croydon and Aspern - small logos are not approved since days. Missing staff? ;-)

Same problem here (Aspern)...uploaded the small logo about 5 days ago or so and re-uploaded it today...I think we have to give it some time, I think the Airlinesim team is still working through all the reported airlines on Aspern...

Have either of you had your logos approved yet? I have been waiting several days as well.

Well, I would not go so far as to call it "bad service," especially when one considers how much time and effort the small staff puts into dealing with the problems of so many people, as well as just keeping the game running properly. It is just a little frustrating waiting for my logo to be approved (I like seeing it appear on the airport arrival and departure pages).

Regarding the amount of money we pay for credits, I think I am getting my money's worth out of those credits. It is a great game overall; the logo is merely cosmetic.

Not it isn't at all, but as the departuer and arival board some eye-catcher ingame, we want to have it "clear". And believe me ... making it the other way would not be handable as more then 50% of small logos are rejected,

Not abusive, but poor quality etc.