so few users on Tempelhof

I notice that over the last few days the number of users on Templehof has dropped from 1200 to under 800, and lots of bankruptcies. What’s happening? Are they all moving to Stapelton?

Croydon too. Just had the largest airline, I think, stopping.

This results of 8 week of no deletion of inactive accounts:

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Are the deletions showing up as liquidation due to bankruptcy? I’ve seen seven IL partners disappear in the last few days.

That’s more likely no credits or test-accounts

Tempelhof is now down to 660 users. Are these really inactive accounts that are being deleted, or is there an avalanche of bankruptcies going on? Like I said, I now have eight interlining partners disappear within the space of a few days and I know for a fact that at least some of these were not moribund.

The bright side is that there are now loads of slots free at LHR and CDG

I’m pretty sure it’s mostly inactive accounts being deleted.


in the past seven days I have lost 9 interlining partners. Three of them were big airlines: one may have stopped playing and two moved to Stapleton. The 6 other airlines were small or smallish airlines that could well have been inactive.

Some time ago I checked the passengers-per-week statistics. If I remember well only the first 400 (out of… 1500 or so) airlines on the list carried more than 1000 passengers per week. That indicates many airlines were not very active or abandonned. At this moment the first 300 out of 800 airlines carry more than 1000 passengers per week. So I guess many of the deleted airlines were indeed inactive. Either abandonned test accounts or abandonned accounts that ran out of credits.

Mind you, Stapleton has attracted over a thousand accounts since it started one week ago. So it wouldn’t surprise me if many beginners from Tempelhof decided to try their luck on a fresh server. On the other hand, the majority of alliances on Stapleton introduces itself in German. That indicates also a lot of German players moved to greener pastures.


I left this server due to the ludicrous situation with landing slots in eu airports. Too many tiny aircraft. Tried in africa as my USA experiment became 2 time consuming due to lack of slots, and found it very difficult to make money in africa, trying again on stapleton different airports this time

When people move to an new server, there is going to be more slots, pax etc. for the rest on the older ones. Perfect conditions for growing!