Some interesting news from Russia and the CIS

[left]Vtitm, Russia (ICAO: UECT, IATA: VTK)[/left]


[left]New airport Talakan , located in town Vitim (Yakutia), started operational 23 November 2012. First flight performed by Tu-154M "Utair Aviation". It’s the first passenger jetairliner to landing on the new unique airfield.

The runway of the new airport has length 2900 meters and was designed by modern method surface: concrete monolith. The new airport "Talakan", thought some experts, will radically improved the level and and quality of transport accessibility in this part of Eastern Siberia, and open Siberia region for exploration and mining minerals, oil and gas fields.

"UTair" and others airlines have a plans to soon linking Talakan airport with many cities Eastern and Western Siberia and European terriitory of Russia.[/left]

[left]Belgorod, Russia (ICAO: UUOB IATA: EGO)[/left]


[left]New modern passengers terminal will meet the first passengers in February 2013.[/left]

[left]In 2010-2011, at Belgorod airport was large-scale reconstruction: aprons and taxiways was fully restored, runway extended to 2500 m. In October 2012 from Belgorod was started first flight to Bangkok (Boeing 767-300ER Nord Wind Airlines.)[/left]

[left]After the launch of the new passengers terminal Belgorod International Airport will be the largest airport in Central Federal District (exception of Moscow’s airports).[/left]

[left]Saratov, Russia (ICAO: UWSS IATA: RTW).[/left]


[left]A new airport construction was began in October, 2012.[/left]

[left]Length of the new runway will be 2650 m, passenger terminal performance planned about 1000-1200 passengers per hour.[/left]

[left]Saratov population is 836000 people, the old airport can’t cope with the passengers traffic, besides old airport located in the center of the city, which prevents it to expanding. [/left]

[left]The new airport will be located 40 km near city. Construction will be completed in 2016.[/left]

[left]Gabala, Azerbaijan (ICAO: UBBQ, IATA: GBB)[/left]


[left]New airport in Azerbaijan started first flights. [/left]

[left]First international scheduled flight Moscow-Gabala was complete 6 December 2012 by Ural Airlines (Airbus A320).[/left]

[left]VIM Airlines will started fights from Moscow to Gabala 16 december 2012 (Boeing 757-200).[/left]

[left]Gabala – is the ancient city in Azerbaijan, very attractive place for tourists.[/left]

[left]Kiev Zhulyany, Ukraine (ICAO: UKKK, IATA: IEV)[/left]


[left]After general reconstruction the passegers traffic at IEV sharply increased. At this airport was built the new passengers terminal. New runway lenght is 2310 m. Airport can sericed all major passengers aircraft types (Boeing 737 all series, Airbus 319/320/321).[/left]

[left]Today Zhulyany Intl. airport servicing flights of many airlines: Transaero, Wizz Air Ukraine, UTair, Utair Ukraine and others.[/left]

Kuban Airlines has bankrupt. The airline based in Krasnodar (URKK/KRR) and Sochi (URSS/AER). For a long time, the airline operated Yak-42 fleet (it inherited from Soviet Union in 1991). In 2009 Kuban airlines leased several Boeing 737-500 (aircrafts was transferred to Kuban Airlines from another bankrupt airlines –, in 2011 Kuban leased Airbus A319, in 2012 all Yak-42 has out of service, but it was too late… Kuban Airlines debts for air navigation services about $ 86 million. December 11, 2012, all flights Kuban Airline has stopped.

Kuban Airlines keep the 16th position (2011) in top 30 airlines of Russia (traffic volume is 0,9 millions passengers).

Moscow, Domodedovo (UUDD/DME)

The first of Russia history scheduled flight Airbus A380 superliner started Emirates. A380 will be operated on the route Moscow - Dubai - Moscow daily.

Nice! When you can feel free to post more, it is hard to get more information about Russia as it is mostly in azbuka :)

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Mew aircraft (Developer - Irkit aircraft corporation)!

Aeroflot started new low cost airline “Dobrolet”


The director of aeroflot sayed, that costs of tickets will be lower, than costs of railway tickets. Also he sayed that income of this airline will be the best, and in 4 years tha airline will have about 1,3 billions $. The fleet of airline will consist of 8 Airbus a320 or Boeing 737. The airline will fly between the biggest Rusian cities.

Since when did Ryanair expand into the Russian market? ;)

I wonder how one can know how an airline's income can be "the best" in 4 years (whatever this means), especially with eight planes, and how one can have the foresight how the money will "grow"...  ^_^ ...pretty optimistic from a non-insider's view.  :blink:

Since when did Ryanair expand into the Russian market? ;)

"Dobrolet" will copy most of things from Ryanair. :D

I wonder how one can know how an airline's income can be "the best" in 4 years (whatever this means), especially with eight planes, and how one can have the foresight how the money will "grow"

Sorry, I translated whole sentуnсe from Russian site. It means, that the airline will have very good income for their size, and of course they will later buy some new aircraft. And they will have lots of seats on their planes, so they will have lots of passengers, so lots of money.

News agency "ITAR-TASS"  says that Aeroflot has signed a contract for the purchase of 50 aircrafts 737NG.

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