Some noob questions.. :/

Hi, guys… sorry for some noob doubts. I couldn’t find in the previous topics.

  • Indirect costs

The more I fly to a location, the lower is the indirect cost "branch office" per flight. Is it correct?

The more I fly per day to any location, the lower is the indirect cost "crew", "leasing", "maintenance" and "management" per flight. Is that correct too?

If both are correct and my indirect costs are too high per flight, can I understand that I have to fly more with my planes?

I’m generally putting my planes to fly only to 2 different locations everyday (600km) and generally they are on the ground about 1/2 of the day. My idea was that waiting about an hour on the ground before come back was ‘good’ because eventually I could have more passangers… then I had more 3 hours to maintenance…

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Fly your aircraft as much as you can. Just make sure maintenance ratio is above 100%. The cost of ownership (presumably leasing costs) is one of the biggest costs you’ll face with a fleet of modern aircraft. As you thought, this will allow you do spread the cost of your crew and leasing over more flights. I’m not sure what sets of the need to hire more management or airport staff. If you aren’t filling the flights you have, though, you should add those new flights to different airports so that the increase in capacity doesn’t just cut into your revenues from existing flights.

Not sure how sitting on the ground for an hour would give you more passengers, can you elaborate?