Sometimes it´s cheaper to fly over Berlin instead of taking a train ;)

Passengers in Airlinesim book connecting flights only, when the whole transfer route is not longer than 1,5 times (?) of the direct route.

But here´s a rare example from the real world: Instead of taking the train to go from Sheffhield to Shenfield (east of London), he took Ryanair via Berlin (!)  -  and saves 7£.

Crazy world, isn´t it? :lol:

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But, by the way: can i really get a ryanair ticket for around 10 £ inclusiv all airport and booking fees? I´ve never been on board of ryanair yet...

Likewise I know a guy who traveled from Luton to Stansted via Dublin in the morning and back the same way in the evening.

Total cost on one of Ryanairs crazy sales was £0.04. I kid you not!

To answer you question regarding taxes, Ryanair some times advertise a no tax fare. Hence the deal above :-)

It is FAR cheaper to fly from BUD to VIE via germany , than with Austrian's direct flight(~250km or so) .. U can spare even 50€ , nonsense..

OFC the best option is with railjet, or car.

If wanting to feel like an animal herded into a tight fence inside a holding barn before being slaughtered then fly Wizz from BUD. Otherwise Wizz offer jetways from the main terminal at all other destinations I have flown with them to. Why do they humiliate their passengers at BUD? Otherwise Wizz offer great fares, decent comfort, I love the pink planes and uniforms and they sell Nutella Go on board :D. When flying to Romania like i did today I would not consider anything else than Wizz (Wizz and SAS are my only options), but when flying from BUD I would prefer flying Norwegian. I haven't taken a for over two hours in four year, planes are cheaper and quicker. Domestic within Sweden I fly BRA (as they use BMA which is in the middle of Stockholm) and when flying anywhere else I prefer Norwegian but sadly I have to chose other alternatives where Norwegian dont fly.

Wizz has also almost killed me ones but well, well.

Wizz has also almost killed me ones but well, well.

Wish I read this earlier, just booked a Wizz flight from LTN-SSZ for the Swidwin Airshow!

Just on the topic of Ryanair's sale fares. In winter 2011 I flew from Berlin to Stansted via Oslo for I think around 19 pounds. No tax and hold luggage was included. 

Wish I read this earlier, just booked a Wizz flight from LTN-SSZ for the Swidwin Airshow!

Not to scare you but I wrote a short story of what happened that awful night which is how I in the first place got interested in aviation. This story is written about two years ago and posted somewhere else on the forums as well:

My interest started when I was on my way towards our apartment in Constanta, Romania on a beautiful summer day. The flight was in the evening from Malmö (MMX) to Bucharest (OTP). Bucharest is the capital of Romania which is about 230 km from Constanta, the drive itself taking about 3 hours. The flight takes about 2.5 hours under normal wind conditions with the ideal cruising speed of the A320-200 which is Mach 0.78 (828 km/h) and the flight distance being 1523 km. The plane took off at 9 CET and we climbed towards a beautiful sunset with colorful skies and a peaceful calm wind.

We had a great flight with a fantastic sunset until we got over the carpathian mountains which are around 400 km from Bucharest. Without introducing himself our captain said “This is your captain speaking, be prepared for turbulence... Cabin crew prepare the cabin and get seated” in a strong accent of some eastern european language. As a frequent flyer I am used to turbulence and I did not worry. The turbulence started about 3 minutes after the announcement by the captain. The shaking got intenser and intenser, and in a couple of minutes we were bumping around by meters. Without much knowledge I saw the flaps coming down, but the cabin crew had not even passed by to take any rubbish and the captain had not said anything about landing.

By looking out the window we saw a big city with many lights. My mother who had lived in Bucharest could quickly identify the mystery city to be Bucharest. Later we could hear the gear going down and the plane started it´s flare. The intense shaking continued and the plane was still not anywhere close to being aligned with a runway. You could feel how the strong cross wind pulled the plane to the side and the pilots battling against it using the vertical rudder which was felt as if the plane was fighting against the plane with all it got. On our third attempt on final we had a different feeling, a feeling of falling freely. I can still remember that feeling. Then the tail started dropping and and the nose started lifting as we could see the rain smashing in the window and we could really feel the wind. After a moment we realised that we were in a stall. After about 5 seconds we could hear the the powerful IAE W2500 roaring. You could feel how the plane was leveling and launching out of the free fall. The pilot climbed a couple of thousand feet and the purser made an announcement: “As you can see we will not be able to land in Bucharest so we will be landing in Constanta in 45 minutes”. Passengers were fainting and vomiting but the cabin crew did not move out of their seats. Passengers started passing around water and other food from other passengers and shouting at the cabin crew to help, but nothing happened. We landed in Constanta safely and easily at 2 pm. The airport, which otherwise is a US Air Force base, came into full operation taking our luggage and doing passport controls. Four ambulances came to take fainted passengers. We saved about 1 hour of travel time as we already had arrived to our final destination. This was the worst storm of the year hitting Romania and we were the first plane not being able to land after the storm broke out. After our flight the airport went onto shutdown and no flights landed until 24 hours later.

I've had some rough landings but nothing like that!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Thank you for sharing my experience. But so far I cannot see anything that looks bad for Wizzair.

  • You don't know if it was a real stall (and Alpha Floor Protection kicking in) or "just" a very powerful climb with TOGA-mode.
  • The cabin crew remaining strapped to their seats instead of helping passengers is also perfectly correct. 

I agree. That “almost killed” looks to me more like a perfectly professional crew that handled a difficult situation to the best of their ability.

At night and with turbulent bad weather I can’t imagine that an untrained person sitting in the cabin could recognize a stall.

But I agree, it was most likely an experience which you won’t forget for a long time.

Once again the plane instead the train: fly from Newcastle to London via Menorca and save a lot of money ;)

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