Spitfire New Exclusive Game World

Hey fellow players. We are starting the world Spitfire. Our world gives people a home for the long term. Here you can grow your airlines and we are here to stay. In our world we will not keep changing things and we will not constantly restart. We are also not only creating a server to play but we are also creating a community to share your experience or just talk. We are more than just the server. In our world you are given 75mio AS$ to start. Also, you will be allowed 7 holdings. One holding per continent and one extra. For more information see our handbook where you will also find our rules. If you are interested please contact us or come on our discord server where you can also talk to us.

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We are continuing to actively look for engaged players! All are welcome, feel free to send a message privately to either myself or @lucas154 or join the Discord!


So how can I join? I’m interested in this game world now.

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Hey guys we still need 5 people. We have some big markets free so come and join.

We are ready to begin, but still have some places and big markets free.

Hi, I would like to join, too, if still possible :grinning:

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Discord link invalid. Looking to join

Hey Lucas, is it too late to join? I am interested too. Thanks.

Hey guys Spitfire has now been online for about two months and we still have spaces free. If you want to join us then contact me.

Greetings Lucas
The discord link is offline, I’m interested about this private server, Is there still any space right now?

Hey Lucas, what is the market in China and Korea like?

With many places open it is easy to start on our server and also fun. If you are interested contact me. On Spitfire we can also lease you planes for 50% the normal price so you can start even better than on any other server.

This is much interesting. Can you send webside?


I can’t log info this world

Sure. It is a private world and you have to pay for the entry. Not worth AS credits.

Hi, how can I join and what is the costs.

The cost is 20 euros per month over PayPal.