Stapelton stuck

Stapleton is stuck at 20:32:16 UTC.

Mh, I few minutes after I wrote this, Stapleton was catching up again… but now it seems to be stuck again… :(

It’s still stuck at 20:17:05 UTC

Is there any possibility, that the income from flights comes early enough to pay leasing costs and contracts when the problem is fixed and the server is catching up again? If the income is delayed compared with the costs this will cause many cancelled leasing contracts on this young server.

[color=#333333][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]I also took all the time from 20:00 hours the same. server does not detect flights.[/size][/font][/color]

UTC 02:58 8/18

Cash still never comes in. My 50 flights became free flights = =

When a server freezes, the only thing that works is the real time clock. I’m sure that you could see that none of your flight are being completed in the ‘‘Operation Controls’’ panel. So no icome is calculated and no expense either… When the server will be up again your flight schedule is going to work at a faster pace then the actual real time clock till it catches up to it and synchronize with it, while this will be going on your income and expenses are going to go thru as they should have in the first place.:rolleyes:

[color=#333333][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Hello,

you say that information is secure?, some members of staff to tell us what will happen.[/size][/font][/color]

No, that information is wrong.

I can prove it, because it just happened to my airline.

The leasing costs are being processed now but regarding the game stauts the flight update comes in a few hours. Contract costs are processed, flight income is not.

And due to that, my airline had to return a leased plane. And this will happen to others too.

hmmmm i tend to agree with the above, i can see leased plane costs being deducted while the entire wave of 20 plus aircraft departed without any income added to the account! i have the weekly closing coming up in a few hours and insufficient cash due to this mess!!!!! whats going to happen?

Income is now being added as the server updates. If you are fortunate the leasing costs will be applied after your income has arrived. It seems that leasing costs are charged in ‘real time’ but that income is in game time. Right now the game time is still catching up.

I was lucky and I had more than enough money so there was no danger, but it was just luck. If this had happened yesterday, I would probably have lost an aircraft too.

And the server is stuck again… now at 03:54:10 UTC. So the income will be even later.

The contract costs are not charged in real time, but when the server picks up the backlog, contracts come first. And flight updates are processed when the server picked up the backlog. You can see that in the server status: http://stapleton.air…app/info/status The job “flight updates” isn’t displayed in red as the other delayed jobs, so it isn’t done im the same chronological order as usual when the server picks up the backlog.

Stapleton should be back at regular work again. I made sure that the order of income and expenses is largely maintained, so revenue from flights should come in before leasing rates or similar expenses are charged.

So what does this mean? Will we eventually get the money for the flights? Or no? Still stuck here with me…

06:22 GST both Contract costs and flight income still don’t upated at all…

Looks like Stapleton is having some additional, underlying problem. I’m looking into it.

seems it is kind of updating now. I have received money for two flights out of 15-20 flights total. As for the rest nothing has happened

Ok, as far as I can tell, it is back on track.

The update is about 2 hours behind now (see and it will update all flights and contracts in correct order. All bookings should be completed correctly as soon as the backlog has disappeared.

Everything should be back to normal. Update status is "all green".

Isn’t it technically possible to handle income as today in case of a backlog?

If fully understand, if there are reasons for a different chronological order in this case. But I’m not that happy with losing around 300,000 AS$ if it’s avoidable ;)