Stock market buggy

My airline keeps going from $400 a share to $200 a share. I did some testing and even while listed at the $200 mark I couldn't place any orders however I could place an order for $400 a share. 

mmh - well - to find if there is a bug or not ... this all doesn't help - please provide some more information - server, airline etc.

Hey i've got similar problem - i wanted to participate in IPO's ... i got message that i cant cause it looks like cheating :) ... can it be only becouse i have IL agreement with this subsidiary???

Aspern - Cargo Air Bridge trying to buy some shares of Kentucky Air Freight

No - this message appears everytime when there would be a circuit relationship between the airlines. In the case of a liquidation this might result into a never ending deletion. It also appears if there even is a offer and if that would be fulfilled such a relationship would be enabled. So it does not have to be cheating but also a protection.

Can you pls. explain it more clearly :) ... I can buy shares of my alliance partners which are also IL partenrs at the same time, so i have unlimited huge circuit with them at many levels ... but i cannot buy shares of "some kind of da company" i'm interline with only in 2 or 3 hubs somewhere, and i've contacted the guy only once via mailbox.

Has nothing to do with interlining..

Imagine such a situation:

1. Airline A has a majority stake in Airline B

2. Airline B has a majority stake in Airline C

3. Airline C has a majority stake in Airline A

Everything is fine until one airline has to be liqiudated. Therefore if 1. and 2. is given, 3. would receive the message you received.

SK I'm on aspern and my airline is latitude airways. I keep trying to buyback stock and all it keeps doing is giving an error saying invalid price even when the price is above current market value being shown. 

The given price on the stockmarket it calculated ONCE per day. So you will have changes during the day and it could be that the price is not higher but lower then you think. Also note that you have to use a price like 126.0 and not 126 or 120,5.

Is there a specific time when the stock market price is calculated?

Anniversary of IPO?

UTC 0.00 ?

any idea?

 I think it is done with the daily updates and those are done at midnight but not 100% sure.