How in the world do you buy stocks… i always get an erro or invaled price what am i doing wrong :( thanks

What i do is put the last quote date instead of the most recent one and it works, cause i used to get the same problem!

The bid or ask price can’t be more than 10% higher or lower than the current stock price in the world of AS!

and use only dots (e.g. 99.99 is OK, 99,99 is not OK)


you get an invalid price error if you bid more than 10% above or under the price, like LJRTC said.

Unfortunately, the official rate and the current real value is not always the same. That is why you sometimes bid within the 10% margin and still get an invalid price error.

The rate is calculated once per day, around midnight. If for example an airline sells 26 jumbo’s and makes a profit of 240 million, the difference between the real current value of a share and the official rating will be more than 10%. While the new value will only be calculated at midnight.


Thanks for all the help :)