Stop logging me out

For the love of god can you increase the session cookie expiry to stop logging me out. Why is there no keep me logged in option?

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Open the used market tab and you will not be kicked out.

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It looks like the latest upgrades fixed this. I no longer get logged out constantly throughout the day.

Thanks to the devs for that improvement which makes things much nicer.

As long as you keep your cookies, sessions last 24h now.

Eventually, we will support persistent logins. It’s a relatively tiny change that we’ll hopefully get around to soon.

To be fair, I am never logged out on Firefox for mobile… which is better than the previous time when closing the tab and immediately opening it made me log in again…
The 0 credits and network error glitches do give me the creeps though…

Say what? Can you elaborate on what you mean? Can’t fix those if all I have to go on are vague hints :slight_smile:

First Error/Glitch:

Second error: when I log in it sticks at this for a few seconds
before eventually getting to this, the correct amount

Sorry I guess I had drafted the whole thing and never sent it… :neutral_face:

And I somehow missed it :smiley: Anyway, that first one is a technical issue, I need to look into how to communicated those better. And the second one is glitchy indeed…should probably have a not-as-scary loading state.

Anyway, what I actually came back to this thread for: I just wanted to let you know that “persistent logins” are now a thing…when you log in with username and password, the respective checkbox shows up. Please give it a go.