Strange Competition

Hi! I have flights from CMH to LAX by 321 plane. Firstly, they were always fully booked, but now I have a new competitor on this route. He flyes A330 and prices on his flights are much higher than mine. But he has all flights fully booked while my flights are loosing pax. In ORS my flights have rating higher that his. Why does this happen?

Server / Airlinename?

because even if worse, he is offering an alternative, so obviously, he is getting some of the pax you formerly carrierd.

the reason his flights are full and yours are not is in the transfer pax. without knowing what airlines you are talking about (right, why would anyone even consider naming server and airline...), it is ALWAYS the same explanations.

What yukawa said or that he simply has a higher rating. I can get full loads while my competitors don't with even double the price.

I still think pricing should be more influential. I dont agree with the transfer system in this game. Yes people connect, but as stated above, surely an airline charging £200 more than a competitor wont lose out on that much passengers, despite transfer traffic?

there a plenty of discussions about that. fact is: right now the ORS system works the way it does and until the team programs a new one, we can hate it or love it - but we have to live with it either way.