Strange turnaround (cabin cleaning) times B739 vs. B738


Disappointing and opaque, yes. Completely unplayable is hyperbolic.

I sure wish we could simulate turnaround times without actually having to buy the planes, too.



Creating flight plans without actually having the aircraft is definitely on the roadmap, but more long- then mid-term :wink:



I am not sure @ralphs. Time has become my scarcest commodity. If I now need to spend twice as long on good(!) scheduling (which we all know is the most time-consuming thing in AS), then I can no longer play the game since I simply do not have that amount of time available.

Of course others will definitely see this differently, which is fair enough.

Happy to hear that @martin has this on the roadmap. Martin, I would be happy with just a list of cleaning times posted in the WIKI (and other items of DTA that are not dynamic, but rather fixed, i.e. aircraft-dependant). Database copy/paste.
That list could be used during aircraft evaluation (manually, not in the charts of the game) and then again during scheduling. The info for the chosen aircraft could be integrated into the spreadsheets I know we all use outside the game-code anyway :wink:

BTW, I posted this in a German language topic: As an incentive for a useful and comprehensible DTA, I would happily pay three times the normal credits for a month. Revert to the new standard of 6 credits per day after a month and done.

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Those are great suggestions. Iā€™m always interested in ways to play the game more efficiently. Time is also precious for me these days, with more work at the office and more travel in real life!



Did you ever learn more about this important topic of turnaround times?